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   Current and Forthcoming steampunk Publications by Canadian writer Paul Marlowe
Ether Frolics - a steampunk short story collection by Canadian writer Paul Marlowe
Ether Frolics : Nine Steampunk short stories by Canadian steampunk author Paul Marlowe
Ether Frolics was short-listed for the 16th annual
Danuta Gleed Literary Award, recognizing the best début
English-language collection of short fiction by a Canadian author

January 2015: Ether Frolics was reviewed in the quarterly journal of the Science Fiction Research Association:
"The collection as a whole balances humor and play with the intrusion of the darker elements of the human psyche and of civilization. Marlowe’s subtle use of steampunk elements and the text’s historical and textual allusiveness make reading the tales an engaging game in which this reader, at least, felt as if he were being positioned as one of the Etheric Explorers themselves..."-Chris Pak

I was invited to contribute a story to The Affair magazine in Bangalore, India - the short story "The Grinsfield Penitent" appeared in their July 2014 issue.

"Marlowe offers a neatly controlled yet artfully wild and original sense of the bizarre and otherworldly. A unique collection that deserves readers." - Danuta Gleed Literary Award Jury

~~ Available now as an e-book from Kobo ~~

"Despite being devilishly clever, there’s more to Marlowe’s debut collection than humour and wordplay... Marlowe’s sense of place is dynamic and fresh, for all that his writing is set in the past... what Marlowe has written is a creation well worth the read, revealing a major Canadian talent."
- Chadwick Ginther, The Winnipeg Review

"This collection of nine short stories is a true jaw-dropping jewel of a book..."
- Aly Grauer, Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders

"Marlowe's stories are detailed, quirky, with a good sense of humour, but not without some dark, deft touches of horror..."
- Craig Pinhey, Telegraph-Journal

  "The drily hilarious tone continues throughout the novel...
reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s lighter works...
[reviewing the YA novel Knights of the Sea]

Other News & Publications...


Something Wicked magazine's first anthology volume, edited by Joe Vaz and Vianne Venter, includes my two short stories "Alpha & Omega" and "Cotton Avicenna B iv". It was launched in South Africa at Cape Town's Open Book festival, September 22, 2012. Available from:

Amazon US: PB / e-book
Barnes & Noble: PB USA: PB
Amazon UK: PB / e-book
Chapters Canada: PB
Book Depository (free shipping worldwide): PB
Weightless Books: PDF/E-pub
...and lots of other retailers.

Something Wicked anthology containing the steampunk story Cotton Avicenna B iv
Something Wicked
Anthology Vol.1
I got the chance to write the foreword for the 50th anniversary e-book edition of Donald Jack's classic novel of the First World War, Three Cheers for Me (which won the Leacock Medal for Humour).

Tristate Reviews recently (Oct 28, 2011) reviewed Knights of the Sea: "Fun reading that will delight fans of Phillip Pullman..."

Find out who won the novels Sporeville and
Knights of the Sea in our July book draw here.

The Poe's Deadly Daughters blog recommends Sporeville and Knights of the Sea as "Spooky, quirky, strange, and very funny".

The Resident Member steampunk radio play story by Canadian Paul MarloweMy short story "The Resident Member" has been dramatized in South Africa as a radio play, starring Gideon Emery, Damon Berry, and Joe Vaz. The podcast is available here.

An e-book edition
of Sporeville has just been released through Kobo. is also available in paperback.

Past Publications by Paul Marlowe, a Canadian steampunk author

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "The Resident Member "
Issue №7, Something Wicked
Poltergeists, death, and romance interrupt
a quiet dinner at the Etheric Explorers Club ...

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "Ten Golden Roosters", Issue №4, The Willows

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "66° South", Issue №2, The Willows

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "The Incident at the 27th Meeting", Issue №1, The Willows

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "The Mud Men of Tower Tunnel", Issue №8, Forgotten Worlds
" entertaining and thoughtful story".
- review

"Night of Sevens", Issue №20, Oceans of the Mind
"Gritty and realistic, Marlowe achieves his goal with deft prose stokes and clever dialogue". - Tangent Online review

"Venera Redux", Issue №5, Continuum SF

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "Ten Golden Roosters", Issue №3, Forgotten Worlds

"Krasnaya Luna", Issue XIV, Oceans of the Mind -review-

"Resurrection and Life", Issue XIII, Oceans of the Mind

Etheric Explorers Club steampunk stories "A Visit from Prospero", Issue 10, Andromeda Spaceways

"For we being many", Issue IX Oceans of the Mind

"Airship Voyages Made Easy", Indigo/Henkell Anthology

"Scientia Potentia Est", HMS Beagle
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