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Etheric Airship
The Resident Member

The Resident Member

a 30 minute radio play
Written by Paul Marlowe, adapted for radio by Digby Young,
starring Gideon Emery, Damon Berry,
Christa Schamberger-Young, Joe Vaz,
and Digby Young
& Produced by Something Wicked magazine.

An " instant classic" - Sonic Society

...Poltergeists, death, and romance interrupt
a quiet dinner at the Etheric Explorers Club...

On any given day, the intrepid members of the Etheric Explorers Club can be found frustrating prophesies, wrestling with ancient evils, and generally striding boldly down the dark alleys of life, in order to fill in those portions of man’s map of reality that are, perhaps, better left blank. As with any club, though, there are always members who stay behind so as not to miss a second helping of pudding. This is their story.

CLICK HERE to download the free podcast MP3 (~20 MB).
or you can download or listen to the audio stream
at the Something Wicked podcast site.

Ether FrolicsIf you enjoy The Resident Member,
you might also like my short story collection
Ether Frolics: Nine Tales from the Etheric Explorers Club

Knights of the Sea cover
...or Knights of the Sea
A Grim Tale of Murder, Politics, and Spoon Addiction
in which Rafe Maddox of the Etheric Explorers Club visits Nova Scotia at the time of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

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