Captain Star and the crew of the Boiling Hell, created by Steven Appleby
"Sheer poetry! Steven Appleby spins an epic saga of men whose touchiness
shook the universe, and the women who were indifferent to them..."
-Alan Moore, author of Watchmen and V for Vendetta

"There is no greater being than the all-seeing,
galaxy-gleaming, far-reaching Captain Star."
-Richard E Grant, the voice of Captain Star

The Captain Star comic strip collection
is available now from Sybertooth Inc.

Steven Appleby's Captain Star Omnibus
Thanks to everyone who signed up for our Captain Star Omnibus
draw - see below for the selection process...

We thought long and hard about how to select a winner. Some advocated the construction of a purpose-built selection machine based upon the notorious difference engine of Charles Babbage; however objections were raised on the grounds of budget and practicability. Others suggested hurling darts at a list of numbers. Consultation with our solicitors led us to believe that following this course could nullify our insurance policy. In the end, saner heads prevailed, and we conscripted a small dog named Ivan to select the winner via the following process:

1. Each entrant was assigned a unique number;
2. Numbers were written on tiny slips of paper;
3. The numbers were tossed into the air over Ivan;
4. The first number which Ivan ate, or otherwise indicated, was declared the winner.

Ivan, Official Number-Picker

In the actual event, Ivan was uninterested in eating the numbers, and so the first number to stick to his nose was, after consultation amongst the judges, declared a winner.

Ivan Choosing
Ivan choosing the winner

The lucky number belonged to… Tjeerdo Polderman, of British Columbia, Canada. Congratulations Tjeerdo!

The Captain Star Omnibus is now available, with distribution in many countries. For a list of online retailers such as Amazon, McNally Robinson, WH Smith, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Bokklubben, Blackwell’s, and others currently carrying it, click here.

We will be adding more links as we discover further availability through new retailers and in additional countries.

Captain Star Christmas
Merry Christmas from 'Limbs' Jones!

Captain Star artwork from his
Rockets Passing Overhead
comic strips
copyright © Steven Appleby
The Captain Star Omnibus is published by Sybertooth Inc.